Statewide SACWIS Implementation Falling Behind

Today, there are still 18 state governments that do not have SACWIS. The other 32 states are running slow, heavy, and outdated platforms that struggle to be considered functional. This has left many human services agencies without the essential technology which has become standard in most industries.

Many states have adopted or attempted to adopt a closed software system to adhere to SACWIS requirements. With heavy coding responsibilities and system maintenance alongside a difficult user interface, many state human services departments have become frustrated with this integration. Many of these tools have created lengthy workflows, and added more complications while providing little in the way of process improvements. Noticing this difficult adoption process, many departments and agencies are leery of utilizing IT solutions.

The introduction of cloud-based SACWIS solutions and case management software provides a potential solution to these problems. Built on platforms which have been rigorously tested and streamlined to be intuitive and simple, cloud-computing programs give human services departments a chance to utilize the highest level of IT without additional integration frustration. As more agencies discover the agility and time-savings offered by these case management software options, more services and staff will be available to actively assist families, instead of being mired in administrative tasks.