Meet Noble Child

An alliance of child welfare administrators and IT experts solving problems with child welfare software.

What Is Noble Child?

Noble Child was created out of the need for a comprehensive data system to manage the child welfare network at a private human services organization. Developed by leaders in the child welfare system and Salesforce IT experts, Noble Child solves the specific technology issues facing the child welfare system. Noble Child addresses visibility, data management, data loss, and reporting issues present in current child welfare software solutions. As the first Child Welfare Information System built on the Salesforce platform, Noble Child leverages technology that is interconnected and user-friendly, while providing the highest level of functionality.

Noble Foster Care

The Noble Foster Care system is made to streamline and simplify the adoption process, compliance, foster care policies and practices for Foster Care and Adoption organizations. The Noble Foster Care system includes recruitment and licensing modules, as well as case management module to provide more stability and better tracking for children in the foster care system.

Noble Residential Care

The Noble Residential Care system is designed to meet the challenges faced by juvenile justice organizations, substance abuse care and prevention agencies, mental health facilities, and clinical care. In addition to organizational and administrative modules, the Noble Residential Care Salesforce package includes case management and client profiles to promote visibility across all levels and departments involved in a child’s welfare.

Why Salesforce?

Salesforce is the largest and fastest growing Customer Relationship Management (CRM) technology suite to date. Cloud-computing capabilities combined with a user-friendly interface allow Salesforce to be integrated into any industry and used by staff at every level. Salesforce is used by businesses, governments, and non-profits, offering intuitive design and vast opportunity for customization. Salesforce is continually building a better user experience and allows users to scale and change their Salesforce suite as needed.

Noble Child Executive Team

Matthew Wollack

Matt is the President and CEO of Noble Child. He has been the vision and driving force for the development and architecture of the Noble Child solutions.  With a BA and MSW both from University of Michigan, and a lifetime dedicated to helping lead Michigan’s largest child welfare agency, Matt has expertise and understands of the intricacies and challenges of the child welfare and juvenile justice systems.  Matt has a drive to make workflow and treatment a frictionless experience that truly disrupts the industry as we know it today.  His family founded Wolverine Human Services 30 years ago. Matt is currently the VP of Strategic Development at Wolverine Human Services, driving all aspects of change management, business development, and future vision for the agency.

Robert Graham

Robert is the Chief Operating Officer of Noble Child. Robert flexes his entrepreneurial spirit every day. After graduating from the University of Michigan, Robert introduced his family business to new CRM systems, digital marketing, and state-of-art retail concepts. Robert later joined the Flint Journal and and was tasked to develop one of the first digital advertising divisions in the newspaper industry. Robert became an expert in ad networks, Adwords, SEO, and delivery and his model was taken across the country.

    It was during this time that Robert was given the keys to develop the company’s instance. Taking this new-found passion to his next stop at Torrent Consulting, Robert was lead consultant for developing the Noble Child system for Wolverine Human Services. Robert, a former foster parent and now an adoptive parent, saw the state of the industry first hand. Robert understands that the power of Salesforce and Noble Child can change the Human Services Industry and change the lives of children and workers worldwide.