One platform for all your non profit operations

Execute every aspect of caregiving, fundraising and business operations on one unified system

Increase the strength of your mission with one system

  • Recruit more stakeholders to fuel your success
  • Provide real-time outcome data that drives accomplishments
  • Increase transparency and never miss an opportunity to provide support
  • Track and manage all revenue sources including donations, grants and contracts

Do it with these Noble Child Products:

Improve efficiency and simplify casework

  • Create customized workflows that mirror your existing organizational structure to ensure all cases are consistent and compliant.
  • Respond to case requirements quickly and reduce duplicated efforts by shared case views with workers, managers, and executives.
  • Manage platform access for your growing team of employees and agency partners without sharing confidential information.

Do it with these Noble Child Products:

Safeguard your agency mission and stay compliant

  • Guard against hackers—and many other external threats—with full account audits, network monitoring, and real-time security alerts.
  • Cut the risk of employee error with secure logins, custom approval workflows, and flexible team and individual permission levels.
  • Stay compliant with licensing bodies, accreditors, and HIPPA through our industry-leading Salesforce platform.

Do it with these Noble Child products: