Noble Child

Our Mission: to usher in the next generation of child welfare care providers.

Our Vision

Our Vision to develop an accessible and replicable data-driven system that can be easily configured to meet the ever-changing requirements and needs of private human service agencies and government child welfare information systems. Noble Child will be the first application offering on Salesforce to collect and analyze data for the evolving evidence-based informed child welfare services.

Our larger vision is to revolutionize the entire child welfare information systems including both federal and international government solutions. Noble Child can show that our solutions create new unrivaled efficiencies and workflows to all stakeholders in the child welfare and juvenile justice systems.  Our products and services result in a higher level of success and a reduction in trauma for the children be served through these necessary systems. Our systems have been successfully field tested for the past 18 months.


Noble Child was born out of an essential need of Wolverine Human Services. WHS required a fully integrated IT system that was able to capture and analyze every piece of data as it relates to their various child welfare programs. This need was created as a result of State of Michigan DHHS failed attempt to develop and implement a functional SACWIS creating millions of dollars in unreconciled services. Since they could not provide a solution, Wolverine had to create its own. Under the guidance of Matthew Wollack, Wolverine Human Services solicited Salesforce as the potential platform to meet their needs. Wolverine subsequently developed new workflows, replaced outdated forms and technology, and reimagined how treatment could be administered, documented, and analyzed.  

Wolverine Human Services was able to identify a major problem and barrier to long term success – not having a fully integrated cloud-based IT system for all agency operations.   Unlike similar non-profits in the human service area, WHS had the foresight, a revolutionary vision, the financial resources, and the technical skill sets to develop an unmatched solution.  Today, the system is fully operational and continues ongoing development. It is the only fully integrated IT system in the nation of its kind for child welfare and juvenile justice.

Wollack acknowledged that WHS was not an IT company and thus founded Noble Child to continue to develop, package and distribute the application suite. Noble Child acquired the intellectual property from WHS as the foundation for the application suite.


Wolverine Human Services 

Staff at Wolverine Human Services give their account of how the Noble Child Suite has drastically improved their daily work processes. More importantly, they describe how the increase in efficiencies has greatly improved their ability to provide a better quality of care to clients 

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