CCWIS and SACWIS Software Consulting Services

Work with experts in SACWIS compliance and human services to complete your custom system.

CCWIS, SACWIS Compliance and CCWIS, SACWIS Software Consulting

We understand that the right IT solution is not one-size-fits all. Your case management software suite should be designed to meet the specific needs of your organization and it should be able to grow with you. Our IT experts provides CCWIS and SACWIS software consulting to help you build a custom solution that meets CCWIS and SACWIS compliance and gives your organization agility and efficiency. We can help you identify the needs of your organization, outline a CCWIS or SACWIS that meets your needs, build a system and integrate modules according to your needs.

Noble Child helps you:

  • Identify if a CCWIS or SACWIS system is ideal for your Title IV-E Funded Child Welfare Agency
  • Determine the ideal CCWIS/SACWIS functionality and workflow for your organization
  • Outline an optimal, customized CCWIS/SACWIS
  • Design a new CCWIS/SACWIS that works for you
  • Convert a previous CCWIS/SACWIS
  • Instate or maintain CCWIS/SACWIS compliance
  • Convert from paper
  • Create a system that will grow with you

Product Launch

Noble Child helps you:

  • Launch your software
  • Train staff
  • Integrate new modules
  • Troubleshoot technical issues

Even with an intuitive platform, transitioning to a new system takes time and patience. Our SACWIS software consulting services makes that makes process easier. Our experts will help you navigate your new SACWIS, show you how it will scale with you, and how you can take advantage of its fullest functionality. After your CCWIS/SACWIS software solutions are fully integrated into your business or agency, you can count on future technical support from Salesforce to help you overcome future obstacles.

Industry-specific Case Management Software Consulting

From adoption services to compliance and auditing agencies to treatment programs and more, we provide CCWIS and SACWIS software consulting for many groups with diverse needs. Each industry strives towards different goals, and a successful solution fulfills these goals while overcoming obstacles. We have built and successfully implemented case management software for the needs of government agencies, private businesses, and non-profits in a variety of fields. Whether you work in law, healthcare, housing, social work, auditing, administration, accounting or another field, we can help you utilize case management software. We will show you how a Salesforce-based SACWIS or CCWIS can improve efficiency in your organization, increase visibility, reduce paperwork, and all staff at every level to spend more time where it counts.

Noble Child helps you:

  • Customize a Salesforce CCWIS or SACWIS for your needs
  • Meet industry-specific needs and overcome challenges
  • Integrate the CCWIS or SACWIS with your organizational goals
  • Demonstrate and explain Salesforce modules
  • Customize the Salesforce experience to meet your needs

Conference speaking

Noble Child helps you:

  • Introduce Salesforce case management software to your industry
  • Explain and demonstrate advanced technical solutions
  • Showcase how technology solutions benefit your industry

IT integration begins with the users and an industry-wide understanding of the benefits of new technology. For those seeking a Salesforce-based solution or customized CCWIS or SACWIS module to bring their industry into the Fourth Industrial Revolution, we are pleased to help. Our experts can explain and demonstrate the power of a software suite customized to suit your industry or field. We are IT ambassadors able to introduce cloud-computing and CRM systems to your field in a basic or advanced format, according to the knowledge and experience of your peers.