Noble Residential Care: Organized Residential Treatment Software

Complete residential treatment software solutions to audit, organize and analyze juvenile residential care.

Noble Residential Care

Noble Residential Care is the only cloud-powered residential and juvenile justice treatment solution native to the Salesforce platform. The human services software suite was created  to address the needs of the juvenile care system, providing a comprehensive network for all staff and stakeholders.

Built to Serve

  • State Human Services Departments
  • Juvenile Justice Organizations
  • Mental Health Facilities
  • Substance Abuse Facilities
  • Direct Care, Case Workers, Clinical, Managerial Staff
  • Advocates and Legal Representatives
  • Auditing Agencies


  • Comprehensive Case History Management
  • Submit and Populate Licensing Forms
  • Manage Medical, Educational, Personal Data Securely
  • Prepare Auditing and Compliance Reviews
  • Manage Billing and Collections
  • Build Custom Reports
  • Analyze Performance

Customizable Add-ons

  • Client Referral and Intake Management
  • Client Scheduling and Attendance
  • Employee Data Management
  • Asset Management and Incident Reporting

The Noble Residential Care Residential Treatment Software Solution Gives You:

Time Savings

Automatically generate reports, collect and measure data, and submit information with a few simple clicks. Work with any device and skip paperwork with forms and reports in the cloud. With less time spent on forms, you can spend more time with children and families.


Noble Residential Care promotes complete visibility across all departments. See information entered by all stakeholders using the residential treatment software, with no wait time in between. When you need to make a decision, compile a report, or file an audit, your information is readily available.


Keep the right information in the right place and make data entry easy for everyone. With an intuitive design, the data you need is easy to find and easy to submit, regardless of your position or role in the system.


Noble Residential Care supports your organization as it grows. Add new applications to increase functionality, expand across departments, add new users, grow your organization and add new services to solve problems and promote better outcomes.


Built through Salesforce and organized in the cloud, Noble Residential Care can be used by any device. New users can easily be added, while keeping sensitive information confidential.

Data Loss Prevention

Never lose data again. With automatic back-ups and safeguards on data storage, all client data is protected and secure. With data loss prevention built into the residential treatment software, your data is protected with no additional costs or extra steps.


Keeping data secure is essential. Noble Residential Care allows you to keep data safe while maintaining accessibility. Using the latest security standards, Noble Residential Care keeps your data protected from the most advanced cybersecurity threats.


Analyze and measure the performance of the facility or department as a whole, individual staff members, events, policies, or activities. As you build custom reports, you can measure performance at intervals that work best for you, and deliver these reports to the appropriate agencies.

Configuration & Customization

The needs of residential treatment programs vary by the type of care provided and the state the agency resides in. Built on the Salesforce platform and equipped with AppExchange, agencies can easily customize the residential treatment software to suit their needs.