Noble Suite


The Noble Suite provides access to all of Noble Childs application offerings and modules in a single application. Combined, this application allows secure, cross department visibility illustrating a full 360 degree understanding of a child, family and case.

Application Offerings

Noble Foster Care (Case Management Module)

Built for and by all levels of foster care, adoption and community based services. Noble Foster Care provides complete case management for clients and care provider households including data management, reporting, auditing and compliance.

Noble Residential Care

Built for and by juvenile justice, mental health, substance abuse and prevention service professionals. With complete data management, reporting, auditing, and compliance capabilities, Noble Residential Care supports more efficient operations, higher visibility, and more positive outcomes for children.

Noble Intake & Referrals

This application will streamline the processes of your organization’s intake, clinical and administrative teams. Noble Intake and Referrals captures all mental, social, educational, judicial and placement history into the application giving even further insight.

Noble Recruitment and Licensing

Harness the ability to recruit and license more Care Providers for the thousands of children in the foster care system. This application tracks potential Care Provider’s progress through the entire recruitment and licensing process, automatically documenting communications; email, text, and calls.

Noble Attendance Tool

Track and take real-time attendance for programming, training, classes, meals and more. Point and touch record keeping can be done on-site via tablets and mobile devices.

Noble Employee & Asset Management

Give your administrative staff insight into important employee trainings and certifications, as well as physical management of Organization assets like vehicles, technology and more can be assigned and tracked.