Recruitment & Licensing

Noble Child helps your agency recruit and license more potential care providers, faster.
   – Recruit more Care Providers, Faster
   – Track Client info, training and progress and status
   – Audit Compliance with Real-time Dashboards & Analytics
Family Portal Access to their case information

For more information, click on the link beliow to access
the Recruitment and Licensing documentation:

Noble Child Information Packet Standard 2019-07


Noble Child Offers Six Individual
Drop and Play Application Modules

Use only the modules your agency needs and build on as you grow. Noble Child’s modules work seperately or seemlessly as one. 

Noble Residential Care

Noble Recruitment and Licensing

Noble Foster Care

Noble Intake and Referral

Noble Attentance Tool

Noble Employee and Asset Management 


Wolverine Human Services
Customer Testimonial

Executives, Directors, Supervisors and Case Workers all share their stories of life before and after the implementation of the Noble Child system into their agency.  Listen to how using the Noble Child 360 suite has been so beinifcial to their everyday functions and workflows, as well as, the tremendous impact it has had on the care they are now able to provide to the children they serve.

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